6 Types of Modern Office Design

The design of an office space is known to have a direct effect on productivity in the workplace therefore a good design is imperative to the success of a business. Many employees are starting to return to the office post-covid, so giving your office interior a boost is vital now more than ever.

Office Designer team are here to help you create the ultimate office design that will attract top- talent, boost productivity and create an enjoyable working environment.

1. Biophilic/Nature based designThink plants, exposed brick wall and natural materials. Incorporating nature-based elements into the office has shown to have many benefits for productivity and wellness in the workplace. Surrounding your employees with natural materials will help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase productivity. You can start small by dotting some table and floor plants around the office; a little change that is guaranteed to make a big difference.

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2. Ergonomic Furniture

Great office design is not only about beautiful aesthetics, but also creating a comfortable, highly functional workplace. Many businesses are starting to consider their employees mental and physical well-being by ensuring they have the appropriate equipment to cater to all needs and requirements. Height adjustable desks, ergonomic desk chairs and standing desks are just some of the furniture items that will create a more functional, enjoyable work environment.

3. Activity-based working

Isaac Ergonomic Office Chair, Black £299 from John Lewis

Activity-based working is a great way to encourage productivity and interaction between workers. This modern-day office design gives employees opportunity to diversify their working day and find the correct working environment according to specific tasks. For example, small booths will allow for privacy and important 1:1 meetings, social areas such as sofas and coffee tables encourage communication whilst conference rooms are perfect for large team meetings.

4. Office pods and booths

Using office pods promotes transparency and honesty in the workplace. Not only does it look ultra-modern and stylish, but it is also much more-space efficient than standard walls and doors and not to mention more cost-effective! Glass will allow your office to feel airy and more open, resulting in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for your employees.

5. Make the office feel like home

Making the office feel home-like is a recent trend taking the office design world by storm. The idea is to create a more relaxing, stress-free environment for staff. By creating a separate zone designed for breaks, it allows employees to take a breather, re-charge their batteries and remain productive throughout the day. It also allows staff to communicate with their co-workers which will encourage great teamwork and a positive office environment. Think of adding sofas, comfortable chairs and tables or even an outdoor terrace!

6. Natural Light

The benefits of natural light are endless! A recent study showed that almost half of employees feel gloomy or tired due to a lack of natural light. Bright spaces not only boost productivity, but they are also energising, reduce eye strain and improve wellbeing. Therefore, it is a good idea to take advantage of any natural light in your office space!

If you do not have the luxury of large windows, clever tips to increase natural light is to strategically place mirrors and glossy surfaces throughout as they will bounce light around the room, creating the illusion of a brighter space.

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