Best Furniture Installation Ideas for Office Layout Design

Office designing is not merely ordinary work. It can be described as an art, in fact. When designing your office, there are multiple aspects that one needs to consider. These can range from space to several furniture installation ideas to adequate lighting.

Your office needs to be a space for productivity as well as for comfort. You will work better and yield better results if you work in a clean, organized and relaxed environment.

Office Layout Design

Office Designer London helps you fashion your workspace perfectly according to your requirements and preferences. Let’s take a look at the necessary components you need to take into account prior to starting your office design project.

Make A Floor Plan

An effective way to start your endeavor is to plan it. Online floor plans are an excellent substitute for physical blueprints. Making an online floor plan can prove beneficial for a multitude of reasons. You can organize your thoughts and put them together in an online space to create good-quality 2D and 3D images.

You can try different floor plans and create different furniture layouts until you find the best combination that works for your Office Designing and Fit Out. You can use various pieces and put them in multiple arrangements to figure out which one suits you the best.

You can make the whole design online via Office Designer London. This way, you can get an idea of precisely what you want and where you want it. You will have a clear sense of what you are going for and which things you’ll be needing before you start shopping.

Consider Your Budget

Another important aspect to keep in mind is organizing your budget. If you have a limited budget, you might want to steer clear of any unneeded stuff. You do not, however, want to sacrifice your comfort, especially in a space where you’ll be spending approximately forty hours a week.

If you are on a tight budget, consider visiting local thrift stores for durable, comfortable furniture at cheap rates.

As far as the technological aspect is concerned, you should buy just as many computers, printers, scanners, etc. as needed to get by. You can also start your setup as a small one and let it expand over time as your business grows.

Have Enough Space

Determining the right amount of space can be tricky. It is easy to miscalculate and underestimate the amount of space you’ll be needing. Space can look and feel different before and after the furniture installation. To avoid this, you should use the exact measurements that professionals use when laying out a workstation. That means approximately 150cm in width and 210cm in height.

Other than that, you want to have an office space where you can move around a bit. In case you get tired after hours of sitting on your desk and need to stretch your legs. You want to have enough space around your desk or workstation to be able to sit down, stand up, walk in and walk out comfortably.

Proper Desk and Chair

Your desk should be wide enough to house all the necessary things and equipment you will need to do your job. For example, it should have enough space for your computer, any reference material you need to keep at hand, space for you to take notes, and anything else necessary.

The desk should be 120cm wide at the minimum. Although, most people find a 150cm wide desk ideal for their work needs. Similarly, the height of a desk is an essential component to consider too. An adjustable height desk would be ideal. However, if that is not possible, go for one neither too high nor too low. 70-75cm range would be adequate.

You should choose your chair with proper consideration since it is the thing that you will spend most of your time sitting in. Make sure it’s comfortable with proper neck and back support. Keeping a good posture while sitting for hours is essential. An adjustable chair will be the best option.


This aspect of designing and office fit-out is often not paid due attention. But, in reality, an untidy and cluttered space affects productivity negatively. A well-organized space instead inspires and refreshes the mind. Hence, you should have enough shelving, cupboards, and filing cabinets according to your needs. All your files and paperwork should be neatly stashed in order within these shelves and cabinets. Have separate sections for where to put a project file while it’s being worked on and where it will be put when it’s finished.


In an office space, make use of natural light as best as you can. Choose a location that has access to good natural lighting. Position your desk in such a way that it’s facing the windows but not affecting your computer screen. Translucent window shades can help diminish any glare and still not darken the room, creating a perfect balance. The natural light effect can be amplified by adding mirrors to walls and painting most walls in lighter shades.

A ceiling light can provide good general lighting. Lamps with open tops in corners can enhance it. A separate desk light can help brighten the specific workstation and let you carry out your work without any shadows.

Meeting Place

A specific place for meetings should be any part of the office, ideally. It should be sorted out before furniture installation starts as to where you’re going to set up the meeting place. A couch, coffee table and a couple of chairs should be constituting this area. However, if that’s not possible, you can add a couple of comfortable chairs across your desk to be used for sit-in meetings.

Reduce Clutter

Office Designer, London wants you to have the best office experience. While we have already covered using storage to avoid file and paper clutter, another significant factor is not letting wire clutter mess up your space. Wires running everywhere around the floor or walls can be unpleasant to look at and make the entire space look displeasing. To avoid this, you should opt for wireless routers; they will lessen your wires by half. You should also get a wireless printer and mouse if possible. Also, you should tape any loose wires to your desk’s underside or its legs.


Last but not least, personalize your space with things that inspire you or please your aesthetic senses. It can be an artwork of your choice or any collection of objects with a personal touch. It will brighten the space and positively impact your pace and productivity.

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