Ideas for Small Office Floor Plans

Creating an office in a small space can be a challenging task. To incorporate all the necessary components of an adequate workplace within a limited space needs proper planning and organization. Space may be small, but it should be practical and productive. Office Designer can help you to utilize the best Ideas for Small Office Floor Plans for your limited space to the maximum and get the most out of it.

Tips for Office Floor Plans

Following are some great tips to ensure a fully equipped work office within a little space.


Arrangement of the furniture is key. By arranging your furniture in a smart way, you can effectively save plenty of space. While making online floor plans that we offer, you can try multiple arrangements until you find the perfect space-saving one. You can get a good enough idea with our 2D Floor Plans, but the 3D Floor Plans will let you delve into even more detail by letting you observe the space from all directions and angles. This helps you map out space better and choose whatever arrangement works best for you.

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Sit-Stand Workstation

In a small space, you likely will not have much room to move around freely. Hence, there might not be adequate space for you to stretch your legs and take a few steps around the room when you get tired from sitting too long. A sit-stand adjustable height desk will work perfectly in this case. When you are tired after sitting for hours on your desk, you can just stand up and continue working or take a break if you prefer that.

Multi-Purpose Stuff

Having things that serve more than one purpose is another effective method to save space. For instance, you can have a storage unit, the top of which also serves as a workstation. This solves both your storage and the desk problem and serves both purposes within a single unit. You can best analyze in our 3D floor plans as to which size and build unit will be the ideal choice for you and where it can go in your small space Office Refurbishment.

Built-in Features

Have built-in storage cupboards and slide-out or pull-down options within the space. Such options can save you plenty of space since you can take these out when you need to use them, and then they can just go right back in. The in-built storage spaces can store all your work files documents and other necessary things, making use of all the room available to keep your work-related things.

Leggy Furniture

If you use open, leggy furniture, it can give your space a clean, less-cluttered look. Having a slim setup without solid, dense sides, you can create the feeling of a more open and airy space. Plus, the empty space at the bottom can double as a storage area where you can keep your files and stuff and easily access them while working.

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Wall-Mounted Options

Our Office Designer London can make any extra wall spaces or nooks a usable space for you. You can have wall-mounted cabinets, open shelves, or stylish little units in different shapes like squares, triangles,s or hexagons. Moreover, a floating desk can serve a space-saving purpose as well. And the extra room around and on the bottom can be further used as storage or any other purpose according to your needs and preference.

Modular Shelving

Adding plenty of shelves can help you store many things within a small area. It would be best if you made use of any vertical space available. Let our 3D Floor Plans visualize how these vertical shelves can be built and how much stuff they can store. If you have an especially limited space, you might consider having shelves right up to the ceiling and add a pair of steps to access them if needed.

Size of Things

Take care to not include any big-sized items in your shopping list when decorating a small office interior design. Use a slim and sleek desk design and opt for the same with any other furniture you might be incorporating into this space.

This is not just limited to furniture. Try using this approach with your technological devices too. For example, invest in a notebook-sized computer if you can and make your workplace look more clean, organized, and modern.

Storage Cupboards

Try to incorporate as much storage space as possible because you can use it to put away most of the stuff. Whether it’s the stuff that you’re still working on or something you have completed. Tucking everything away into a storage closet or cupboard enables your space to look more organized, open, and inviting.

If you are going to have files and documents and reference books lying all around your small office unit, it’s going to make the place look messy and cluttered. Stashing it all away when you’re done with it, for the time being, will give the place a tidy and clean look.


Avoid Floor-Clutter

Keep the flooring neat and empty. Don’t let any wires lying around the floor or hanging from the walls. Keep any loose wires in place by taping them preferably to a not directly visible surface. Use a cord tamer to sort out wires along the floor and a grommet with your desktop to lead wires from your desk below.

Use our 3D floor plans to analyze all the corners nooks and spaces that the switchboards and extensions can go. This will help you plan out the wire courses and any possible way to prevent them from going haywire. A clean floor and walls will give the illusion of more space, not letting the space appear cluttered or disorganized.

Maintain Style

Having a short space does not mean you need to compromise on your Office Interior Design and style. An aesthetically appealing, relaxing space is essential for you to have your thought process and workflow running smoothly. Paint one or more of the walls in refreshing colors, add some art pieces, in-doors plants, or any other decorative accessories. This will help brighten up the place, and you will feel more energized and able to concentrate on your work more appropriately.

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