Innovative London Office Design

Orange Zest in Office Design: A Case Study

Creating a modern and engaging workspace is essential for boosting productivity and fostering a creative environment. This case study explores how Office Designer, a London-based interior design company, transformed a conventional office space into a vibrant and functional work area.

A Splash of Colour

We began by injecting a vibrant orange accent into the office’s palette. This bold choice, set against neutral tones, enlivens the space and stimulates the mind – perfect for those brainstorming sessions.

Furnishings and Layout

The workstations are now adorned with ergonomically designed chairs in the same spirited orange, ensuring comfort during long working hours. The desks are spacious and paired with discreet storage to reduce clutter.

Collaboration and Relaxation Spaces

Our design includes a sleek, white meeting table surrounded by orange chairs, fostering a cohesive and stimulating meeting environment. For those moments of rest, we’ve introduced a casual breakfast bar and a cosy bean bag area, proving that relaxation and style can coexist.

Design Concept

The design hinged on creating a multifunctional space with modern furnishings and a bright colour palette. To achieve this, the design team selected a range of furniture and decor that combined both style and utility. The central theme was to use contrasting colours, primarily orange and grey, to energize the space and delineate different areas within the office.

Ergonomics Meet Aesthetics

Innovative London Office Design

Ample natural light is complemented by unobtrusive artificial lighting, ensuring a bright workspace without the glare.

Innovative London Office Design

At Office Designer, we understand the power of environment in enhancing work-life quality. Our London project is a testament to this philosophy, proving that a well-designed office can be both a productivity powerhouse and a sanctuary of inspiration.

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