Home Office Designs to inspire productivity

Whether you’ve suddenly started working from home, or have been a remote worker for years, gathering new design ideas for your office space is always useful. There are plenty of productivity boosting tips you can use to design a space with maximum efficiency.

Continue reading for the best home office interior design ideas to inspire productivity and increase output.

Let the light in

Does your home office feel dark and gloomy? If the answer is yes, move your desk space as close to the window as possible! Not only does it instantly lift your mood, it can also reduce eye strain and provide your daily dose of vitamin D! Be careful to place your computer away from the direct sunlight to avoid reflection on your screen.

Less is more

A cluttered workspace can be extremely distracting and have a detrimental effect on productivity. Ensuring that your desk is neat and tidy with all important documents stored away, is important to reduce stress and increase efficiency. Be sure to throw away any junk like old notepads and lists.

Make use of storage items

Incorporating plenty of storage into the space will help to keep your home office clutter-free. Using built-in storage will make the most of the available space and ensure your space looks neat and organised. Make sure to group your items in an orderly way so that they are easy to find and accessible when needed.

Consider the layout

If your office space is quite spacious and there is room for movement, it is a good idea to consider the best position for your desk and remaining furniture. Positioning a desk in the centre of the room will create a balanced feel in the space, and will also allow plenty of opportunity for storage along the remaining walls.

Utilise Nature

Spending time in nature decreases stress, lowers blood pressure and boosts energy; having an incredibly positive impact on productivity. Creating connections with nature via colour, texture and materials is a sure way to create a calming atmosphere in your space.

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